Guest Educator – Lupe Voss

Student applying hair color to a guest

Guest Educator – Lupe Voss

“Education Drives me. I have something in my hear to make sure that our craft is shared properly and that we give the tools to students and seasoned colorists to be successful. Inspire them, not motivate them, but to inspire them, touch their spirit so they want to do better and they have the tools to do that.”


It was so great to have Lupe Voss back in person to teach our cosmetology students about highlights and blonding.  Lupe founded and co-owned Julian August salon in Redlands, California for 32 years. She began her educational career in 1998 and founded the Hair Color Magic education program that she has brought to countless hair industry professionals. Taking her previous experience she co-founded Color Space, a hair color and education brand.

During the day-long education, our students started out with a lecture portion discussing placement and fundamentals of color so they can have consistent results every single time.  In the afternoon portion, students were able to put the knowledge they gained from the morning lecture to the test.  Our top 10 students were able to work exclusively with Lupe as they practiced color on a model. Before Lupe left, we sat down with her to get to know her a little better and ask what advice she has for our students going out into the professional world.