Brow Waxing Dos and Don’ts

Contribution by Ashley Dunn (@madeup_byash)

Who doesn’t love a beautifully shaped brow? Brow waxing is an easy way to enhance your natural beauty or even change up your look. Since the brows frame the eyes and hold a prominent place on the face, it’s a good idea to get them done professionally – either by a licensed esthetician or cosmetologist, or by a student. But, how do you prepare for getting your brows waxed? Here are some brow waxing do’s and don’ts to help you prepare for your appointment and be on your way to achieving (and maintaining) the brows of your dreams.

Do come on time – timing means everything in the service industry. Being late not only alters the timing of your own appointment, but it also alters the next client’s appointment as well. Always call if and when you’re going to be late.

Don’t come too early, however. You’ll make the service provider feel like they’re being rushed when you come more than 10 minutes before your appointment. And in the summer of 2020, during our new normal, this is especially important since many waiting rooms (including our own) are closed in order to maintain social distancing inside the building.

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Do come to your appointment with full brows. Longer brows give your service provider more hair to work with for a smoother, effective wax. Plus, there’s no point of being charged full price for something that you’ve already “cleaned up” beforehand. Your esthetician won’t judge you for your brows.

Don’t bring your phone in if it’s going to be a distraction. Your service provider can’t properly do their job if you’re constantly looking down at your screen or talking on the phone.

Do prepare yourself for a little bit of pain. It won’t be terrible, but it won’t be painless either. Breathe through every pull.

Don’t squint or squeeze your brows while getting them waxed. It makes it harder to get all the hairs, meaning there’s more to tweeze afterwards. It also makes the skin more susceptible to lifting, which is when the skin gets peeled off during a wax, very similar to a burn.

Do make your appointment in advance to guarantee you’ll have the date and time you want. Consider booking a standing appointment at checkout after your next service so you don’t forget to call ahead. You can always cancel if your plans change (but remember to give at least 24 hours’ notice).

Don’t come in the day of trying to do a walk-in. A service provider’s day often consists of many differently timed services that the provider needs to prepare for and clean up after each. There may not be enough time available day-of to fit a brow waxing in, even though it is a shorter service. Spots aren’t guaranteed. Save yourself a trip and call first to see if there is availability.

Now that you know the basic brow waxing do’s and don’ts, you can feel confident going into your next service. Schedule an appointment online to get your brows done at The Institute of Beauty and Wellness. Brow waxing services are provided by esthiology and cosmetology students and supervised by licensed professionals. Check out our menu to see other services offered to book a day of pampering.

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