Meet Female Barber, Zindia

Meet Female Barber, Zindia

Meet our former barbering student, Zindia.  She is among the growing number of females entering the barbering industry. While barbering was once considered a male dominated insustry, thanks to Zindia and other female barbers, the landscape of barbering world is changing.  Female barbers are able to bring a new perspective and add some diversity to this growing field (2020).  As the demand for men’s grooming services continues to increase now is a great time to be a barber.

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We wanted to speak to  Zindia (@moni_kutz2) and reflect on her experience in the barbering program at The Institute of Beauty and Wellness.

What inspired you to go to Barbering School?

I tried cutting my brother’s hair and noticed that I was pretty good at it, so I decided to go to school.  I enrolled in the program right after I graduated high school.

Why did you choose to attend The Institute of Beauty and Wellness?

My sister’s best friend attended IBW and referred me to the program.  I actually was a model for her while she was in the program and was able to see the school first-hand.  I liked the environment and the individual attention she received from the instructors.

What was your favorite opportunity or event you participated in during your time at IBW? 

I would have to say attending the Midwest Barber Competition on behalf of the school.  It was held in Milwaukee on July 15.  I did a baseline demo with other barbering students and was the only female student in my group.  I was nervous at first but so happy that I participated.  It was a big accomplishment.

What is the one thing you learned in your program that you absolutely love?

Putting hair on the floor 🙂

What are your career goals?

Hopefully in about 6-8 years I would like to have my own barbershop.

What one piece of advice would you give to other students thinking about attending barbering school?

School is a commitment so make sure you are really serious about doing a program.  Spend time researching schools and make sure you find one that is right for you.  Personally, I liked IBW because of all the one-on-one time you get with instructors and I like that we also learn professional and retail skills.

What is your favorite AVEDA product? Any tips on how to use it?

My favorite product is AVEDA Thickening Paste.  I use it on my hair! To apply, use a dime size amount, manipulate with palms and apply as desired.

If you are considering a career in barbering  we would love to speak with you! We offer convenient schedule and financial aid is available to those who qualify.