7 Things to Consider Before Beauty School

You have an impressive collection of beauty products at home, follow all the latest trends in fashion, and are trusted to test new hair and makeup looks on your friends. And you live for it all. Sound familiar? You might be the perfect candidate for beauty school! Becoming a licensed cosmetologist will allow you to channel your passion and creativity into a rewarding and successful career.

Like any professional career journey, sometimes the path can feel long and challenging. But if cosmetology is your dream, it is definitely one worth taking. Here are the seven things you need to know before taking the first step and applying for beauty school.

1. Dedication

Beauty school can be intense! There will be a lot for you to learn. Remember the passion that led you to choose a beauty education in the first place. You will spend so much time immersing yourself in the industry that you will live and breathe beauty. As you grow in your career you will need to be dedicated to continuing to learn new trends and techniques.

2. Experience

Part of your education is going to involve hands-on experience. You will be practicing what you learn on mannequins and then eventually, the clinic floor with real guests. At the Institute of Beauty and Wellness, we balance your time in the classroom and on the salon clinic floor, allowing you to gain valuable and practical experience working with real clients under the guidance of a licensed instructor.

3. Patience

Beauty school will be a new environment and take some time to adjust. Learning a new skill can take patience. With practice and a positive attitude, you will become comfortable in this new setting. In the beauty industry, you will encounter all different types of people, some of whom may be difficult.  Patience is key to working in this fast-paced and at times stressful industry.

4. Instructor Support

Your beauty school instructors are there for you! Instructors will be your biggest cheerleaders. Your instructors will be there right alongside you for all your questions and while you are hands on with a guest.  They’ve all been in your shoes and can help you make it through school. Our instructors want you to succeed and will love watching you achieve your dreams.

Susan Ford doing a short clipper cut on model

5. Life-long Friendships

After spending a year working closely with your classmates, they will become some of your best friends. You’ll be surrounded by people who have the same interests and aspirations as you. When you are having a tough time learning a technique or just having a bad day, they will be there to help you through it.  You become a little family during your program and when graduation day comes it will be hard to leave the support system you created here.

6. Full-time Stylist, Part-time Therapist

As a stylist, you’ll become very close with your clients. They may start to see you as a confidant and your chair is a place where they can come and vent about their day.  Be sure to create an atmosphere where clients can come and relax. You should be present and actively listen as they share what type of style they are looking for or details of their life.  Communication is key in building trust with your clients.

7. Not as Easy as it looks

Social media can make anything look easy, but what you don’t see is all the hard work behind the finished product.  During your time at school, you will learn the basics of your program and get hands-on experience to help prepare to become licensed. Becoming an expert in your field will take time.  So, if your work doesn’t always look as good as other professional Instagrams, know that is ok! Keep documenting your work and you will eventually see the growth in your craft. You will appreciate being able to look back at where you started.

Before enrolling in a beauty school, take the time to find the one you feel most comfortable at––make note of the environment, students who are currently enrolled there, curriculum, program schedule, and career services. Going to a school where you feel like you belong will make the experience enjoyable and help you achieve your goals.

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