So you’re thinking about becoming a nail technician, but still on the fence. You need a reason, right? Job outlook for manicurists and pedicurists is growing faster than average, for one thing. Plus, in what other profession do you have the power to affect people’s self-esteem, work flexible hours and earn a solid income? If that’s not enough, here are seven more reasons to become a nail tech.

1. You become a part of people’s lives

From being a part of a bride’s special day, to hearing the everyday stories of their guests, nail techs play a role in their guests’ lives by listening to them and making them feel beautiful. As a nail technician, you get to create moments of wellness for your guests everyday – wherever they are in their lives.

2. It can be a relaxing, creative escape

Nail technicians have room to be creative with each stroke and swipe. Some guests know exactly what they want, but others will look to you for your expertise in picking the right colors and nail shapes; either way, doing nails is a relaxing, hands-on (pun-intended) activity. From nail art to detailed french manicures, the nails are your canvas.

3. Nail polish is more fun than endless paperwork

Not an office job kind of a person? That’s okay. Becoming a nail tech allows you to work directly with people and create with your hands. And forget about late nights at the office — as a nail tech, you get to do what you love, without the added stress of bringing your job home with you. No matter how seasoned a nail technician you are, each day brings fun, new challenges.

4. It’s an art

As a nail designer, you get to play with glitter and a rainbow of colors all day. This profession is well-suited for visual learners and the artistically inclined – if that sounds like you, this might be your calling.

5. You can express your own style at work

Tattoos? Piercings? Blue hair? Don’t care. Being a nail technician allows you to rock your own style in a way that most other jobs just don’t. While some nail salons may have dress code requirements, they are often less restrictive overall compared to many industries regarding hair color and body modifications. You are sure to find a nail salon that aligns with your personality.

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6. The hours can be flexible

Whether you’re a stay-at-home mom who wants to earn extra income, or you’re fresh out of high school and looking to find your creative passion, working as a nail technician gives you the flexibility to do other things. The number of clients you serve in a day is ultimately up to you.

7. It’s a smaller financial and time commitment

Earn your license as a nail technician in three months or less without the stress of student loan debt when you are finished with school. You can use that freedom to hone your nail skills, learn another trade or simply enjoy life!

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