5 Types of Beauty Careers

5 Types of Beauty Careers

The beauty industry is constantly evolving. With that being said, did you know working in a salon is not the only job opportunity within the beauty and wellness industry? Having new techniques, trends, and products being developed all the time, it’s no wonder that the sky’s the limit for what a licensed beauty professional can pursue.

If you are considering a beauty career, or you’ve considered a career in beauty before, read below to find out what your future could hold with a license in the beauty and wellness industry.

1. Hair stylist/COLORIST

In Cosmetology school, students can learn many different fundamental skills in hair care, cutting, styling, coloring, and perms. After you get licensed, a hairstylist can focus on the hairstyling aspect of beauty. Hairstylists take on the challenge of the constantly changing world of hair, keeping up with trends and techniques to give their clients the latest styles and classic cuts that are in demand. In just one day a hairstylist might create vintage curls, perform a few blow outs, then switch to a beautiful updo for a special event. The creative possibilities are endless. In addition, the search for a fresh hair color will never go out of style. Colorists refine their use of hair color formulas, application techniques, and color toning to help get the perfect hue for their clients. Those, who find themselves in this niche, focus on providing their client a beautiful new hair color, touch up, or recreate a fun trend as seen on TikTok*chefs kiss*.


A passion for beauty combined with the desire to share tips and tricks with others is a great foundation for the next greatest beauty influencer. Beauty influencers share their own experiences with different products, tools, and brands via social media. Platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and Snapchat are great way to reach a targeted audience. Whether it’s expressing their own creativity, showcasing new looks, or posting a review about specific products; the most important thing is that they create a special relationship with their audience. Stay authentic, relatable, and informative. Keep in mind, most influencers did not go viral overnight, they remained focused on improving 1% each day with consistency, determination, and perseverance.


At the Institute of Beauty and Wellness, cosmetology students learn skin and nail care, as well as makeup application. Rather than focus on hair or skin care, makeup artists take some of the basics they learned in school and focus specifically on makeup application and technique. Our Esthiology students also learn makeup technique and application. Makeup artists can work in beauty salons or freelance, too. They have the ability to expand their portfolio and specialize in stage makeup, airbrush makeup, special FX makeup, modeling photo shoots, and makeup for special events like weddings and prom. What is better than seeing a before and after when the right makeup artist is expressing their professional skills and creativity? 


The highly competitive, fast-paced world of Hollywood can be rewarding if you love a challenge and want to help a star shine bright. Most of the professionals didn’t realize that working in Hollywood as a hairstylist was a career option for them when they were growing up. But if this sounds like you, then perhaps going down the film, theater, or television route with your talents may be the gig for you. Licensed cosmetologists who end up as personal stylists or work on movie sets have built a reputation over time. Often time, these professionals started by working in popular beauty salons and even building their brand online, which can help get a foot in the door by showcasing new hair and makeup looks they create. There are endless possibilities with the knowledge you build after beauty school and the network you create with others in the industry. You never know who the person sitting next to you in class may connect you to.


If you dream of owning your own business one day, you are not alone. Many students who start beauty school have this as their end goal. Salon owners have a passion for beauty and a head for business. At the end of the day, they are able to set their own hours, prices, services offered, and even help budding beauty professionals achieve their own beauty career dreams. There is no roadmap to take you to this destination but starting off by getting a license and utilizing those foundational skills at a salon or spa first, may help build that business bone you possess.


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