4 Yoga Poses to Start Your Day

4 Yoga Poses to Start Your Day

Getting out of bed is never easy. Get your blood flowing and endorphins pumping with these simple yoga poses that will get you going better than your morning cup of joe.

Cat-Cow Pose is a great morning stretch for your back. To get into this yoga pose you need to get down on all fours. While gazing up at the ceiling, you drop your back down toward the floor as you inhale. Then while looking down at your belly button, you arch your back up like a cat and exhale. Repeat for 1 or two minutes

Get blood flowing, in Downward Dog. For this position, start on your hands and knees, with your knees directly below your hips and your hands slightly forward of your shoulders. Press back, lifting your knees away from the floor while keeping your arms straight, and lift your tailbone up. Stretch your heels toward the floor to lengthen your hamstrings. Another great post for the back.

Extended Side Angle. This pose is particularly good to stretch the side of your body and strengthen your legs. Physical movement wakes up the body. In this pose, the legs are spread as in Warrior Two, but the torso is turned sideways with one arm pointing to the ceiling and the head looking upward. When your right knee is bent, you’ll have your right palm planted on the ground outside the knee, and your left arm reaching up so there’s a straight line from your left foot all the way up the side to your left arm. Hold for about a minute and then repeat on the other side.

Tree Pose. This is a standing yoga pose that helps to cultivate balance and strengthen your legs. To get into Tree Pose, stand straight and then shift your weight to the right foot, bringing the sole of your left foot up to your right inner thigh. If you can’t balance with the foot on the thigh, try placing your foot on the calf instead — just avoid putting your foot on the knee. The hands are held together in a prayer position over the chest. Try to hold this pose for a minute or two and then switch to the other leg.

Adapted from Everyday Health