What To Expect When Transferring To IBW

What To Expect When Transferring To IBW

Choosing the right post-secondary school to kickstart your career can seem difficult, especially when that path veers off in a different direction that prompts the idea of transferring. Circumstances may change, and after some time in your current post-secondary school, you may find yourself seeking a better fit. No matter what your motivation for this change is, The Institute of Beauty and Wellness’ Admissions Team is here to help you understand what is needed and what to expect when transferring into one of our programs. With rolling start dates throughout the year, there is no better time than now to explore this option! 


First and foremost, we will need official transcripts sent over from the school you are hoping to transfer from. Unfortunately, progress reports and unofficial transcripts do not contain the proper information we need to be able to fully evaluate for potential transfer hours.  

Next, we will need you to complete our transfer student application that can be found on our website. This application contains a portion where you are able to write a statement explaining why you are transferring, and why IBW will be a place for you to complete your education.  

Once Admissions receives these items, we will evaluate them and contact you with the next steps. Each students’ next step is unique based on our finding from the application and transcripts, but you can also find our enrollment checklist here.  


Financial aid is a great tool to use to help you finance your education. The technical portion of federal loans can be tricky, so ask questions if needed! Our Milwaukee and Madison campuses offer Federal Financial Aid for those who qualify. As a transfer student, please be prepared for your cost to vary based on individual needs. If you are interested in applying for Federal Financial Aid, you are required to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) and add our school code: 038083.  

To apply: Log on to www.FAFSA.ed.gov and submit your free application. Financial aid awards are dependent upon student completion and the timely return of necessary paperwork.  

Get more of your financial aid questions answered by reading our blog, Understanding Financial Aid With Gregory Mathews. 


Our Admissions Team takes pride in being able to make connections with our students from the first day they step foot on our campus. This means really getting to know them, their goals, and how they plan on getting there with our help. Do you think The institute of Beauty and Wellness is the next stop in your professional journey? Contact Admissions to start this process today!