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Edgeless Beauty Group

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We are so excited to share the BIG news with you! We now have an umbrella brand that will encompass all of our current brands in one place. Why does this matter? Well, as a student here at the Institute of Beauty and Wellness, you are now officially a part of Edgeless Beauty Group. We are now a one-stop-shop for all things beauty and wellness, and we want you to be the first to know!  

Which Brands are Included in Edgeless Beauty? 

We are glad you asked! Not only are these brands affiliated with your education and training, they are also future career opportunities that are sure to fit your interests. Edgeless Beauty Group has been constantly evolving through new company creation and unique partnerships with already well-established and exclusive brands. Some of these brands you may know, some may be new. Either way, it is important you familiarize yourself with them, so let’s dive in.  

Aveda Institute of Beauty and Wellness (IBW)  

This might be a given, but we would not be Edgeless Beauty Group without our Beauty and Wellness Institutes! For those of you who may not know, we have 2 campuses, one in downtown Milwaukee, and one on the University of Wisconsin-Madison campus. Our Institutes were founded in 1994 by our owner, Susan Haise. Both locations were designed to offer you complete access to a wide variety of diverse programs geared toward your professional interests. Ranging from Cosmetology, Barbering, Esthiology, Massage Therapy, Manicuring, Ayurveda Esthetic and special programs for our future instructors, you are guaranteed to find something for you. 

Our admissions team would be happy to go over, in detail, a program that is best for you. Make sure to schedule your official on-campus visit at either location and apply today! 

Neroli Salon and Spa  

Founded in 1993 by our owner Susan Haise, we structure our salons and spas around providing a therapeutic experience in all services provided to our Neroli guests. Through using Aveda, a completely all-natural and vegan brand, we emphasize the focus of natural and holistic approaches to beauty and wellness. Our team is certified across the board in guest experience and trained in our complimentary add on services created by Aveda: The Rituals of Renewal.  

With such a wide variety of salon and spa services, we take it a step further by adding our own personal touch to make certain our guests leave looking and feeling their absolute best. Starting with their check-in, our focus is on creating and maintaining an elevated experience for everyone entering into our salon.  

Our salons are located in south-eastern Wisconsin, including: Downtown Milwaukee, East-Side, Brookfield, Northshore, and Mequon.  To schedule an appointment, check out our website to book online or call us at (414-227-2888). 


Combining beauty and science, we take yet another approach to skin care and beautification through our medispa services. With SKN BAR Rx, you will be under the care of licensed professionals who specialize in various skin treatments, laser aesthetics, injectables, and laser hair removal.  Our locations are staffed with licensed aestheticians, certified injection nurses, and our on-staff plastic surgeon, to ensure your service is as safe and exclusive as possible. As with all of our brands, our priority is always our guests. We do not want your experience to feel like a clinical setting, it is still a spa, and your services will always include our signature holistic spa practices. 

No two individuals are the same, the same goes for our skin. No matter the treatment, our guests are getting a completely unique and individualized experience with our professionals. During their specified consultation, our professionals will go over personal concerns and come up with a comfortable and achievable solution for the upcoming service. 

 For more information, check out our website and schedule your personal consultation today!  

Lash Addict

Lashes are our passion! Not only do we want to set up our guests with the best showstopping lashes, but we want to ensure we are giving our technicians the best possible education and supplies out there. Specializing in lash extensions and education, we have the perfect selection of tools and products for new and existing professionals. For those involved in our Esthiology program here at the Institute of Beauty and Wellness, you will be working with our Lash Addict products first-hand during your advanced training. Get ready to volumize your education! 

For more information on our products and education, click here to learn more.  

Urban Ayurveda

Our medicinal approach goes well beyond anything that is created in a lab, rather it looks within and around for the answers. Urban Ayurveda is a healing science that originated in India stemming from holistic practices and how our mind and body connect. Focusing on that interconnectedness with each other and the world around us; we find our answers and healing from the Earth using the elements around us. Everything from health rejuvenation, stress relief, detoxing, and basic hydration, we apply the studied Ayurveda practices and bring it to everyday urban life.  

We look within for our healing and we help our guests do the same. No matter the situation, connecting to the Earth will connect us to ourselves as we are made of the same materials. At Urban Ayurveda, we prioritize the importance of stress relief and healing in your own space, which is why we make it a priority to supply you with the necessary tools and ingredients needed to bring a sense of Zen into your home. We offer everything from essential oils, meditation cushions, tingsha bells, yoga mats, and more to ensure you are able to completely relax and bring that spa sensation into your home every single night.  

Start your healing journey today by awarding yourself with all the necessary tools and products needed to bring peace and wellness into your life.  

Ultra-Skin Solutions 

As an exclusive distributor for ultraceutical products, founded and made in Australia, we offer this No. 1 cosmeceutical brand here at Ultra-Skin Solutions. Offered in most of our Neroli Salons, we take a unique approach to skin care needs. With fast and guaranteed results, you can be assured that your skin care concerns will be addressed and improved in as early as 90 days with consistent use.  

Take our short Skin Quiz to find out which products will guarantee your desired result. For more information, check out our website or stop in to our Neroli Salon to learn more.  

Welcome to Edgeless Beauty Group! 

As you can see, Edgeless Beauty Group is indeed edgeless with opportunities! We have something for everyone, and we are happy to finally share it with you. Here at the Institute of Beauty and Wellness, you will become knowledgeable of all brands and come to love them personally. Each brand is ever-growing and looking to expand, meaning great opportunities for you. During your program, connect with your instructors on your future goals so that you can get kick-start your career as an official, licensed professional with Edgeless Beauty Group! 

For more information on career paths and educational programs that meet your interests, contact our admissions office and schedule your visit today.