Instructor Spotlight – Kathi Rodgers

Instructor Spotlight – Kathi Rodgers

The instructor spotlight is designed in a standard Q&A format to get to know our educators here at the Institute of Beauty and Wellness. Using an instructor perspective, we will dive into the environment of the beauty industry, specifically the Institute approach.

Kathi Rodgers

Manicuring Team Lead & Instructor


est. 2017

Kathi Rodgers is one of our Manicuring instructors and Team Leads here at the Institute of Beauty and Wellness, and supports as an Esthetician Substitute as well. We are excited to highlight her professional journeyknowledge of the beauty industry, and some of her favorite parts of being an instructor here at the Institute of Beauty and Wellness.  

Q: Can You Speak on Your Background in the Beauty Industry and Your Educational Journey? 

I am an Alumni for IBW actually! I went here for manicuring in 2013 and graduated in 2014. I enrolled in the manicuring program at the time because I was looking for a program that would fit with my schedule. I was working full-time, going to school full-time, and had children. Which is how I started with manicuring.” “My life in the beauty world consists of being a licensed nail technician, certified master pedicurist, and licensed esthetician. I have a master’s degree in Organizational Management and Leadership for non-profit, however, I completely left the corporate world when my youngest son turned 18. I decided I wanted to branch out and do something that I really love to do.

Q: Why Did You Choose the Institute of Beauty and Wellness as Your Career Path for Being an Educator?

After my experience at the Institute as a student and the level of service I received, I just fell in love with it. It really set me above everyone else in that aspect. One of my instructors really had a huge impact on me during my time as a student, and later suggested that I should be a substitute. I took the opportunity and absolutely fell in love with the experience. To be able to see the look on the students’ faces that have never experienced Aveda, or anything in the beauty industry, and they grow that passion for it--I absolutely love that.

Q: How Would You Describe the Environment or Culture Here at the Institute of Beauty and Wellness?

Everyone has the intentions to seriously set our students up for success in this industry. I love the fact that instructors go above and beyond to make sure that the experience is the best for the students. In manicuring, we have such a strong relationship with our students. We are incredibly supportive and we see that with how students interact with one another as well. It is more than just academics; it is a relationship that is built.

Q: What Are Some Fun Experiences You Have Had at the Institute?

The February 2020 class was supposed to be done in May, but the 3-month class turned into over 6-months because we were shut down due to Covid-19. So, we got to bond a lot. I say that because 8 of the 10 students and I went to the Nail Tech Event in the Smokey Mountains located in Gatlinburg Tennessee during that summer. They had finished their theory training, and while they were there it was nothing but nails. They were able to see and learn about Aveda, as well as connect with very famous nail professionals and learn techniques all while having fun. That was probably my favorite experience so far in my Institute career.

Q: What Is the Most Fulfilling Part of Being an Educator at the Institute?

Just being here honestly. The end is very fulfilling--I hate to see them go, but I love to see them go at the same time. When I hear that my students have passed their exam, I get so excited. My response is always ‘AYEEE!!’ and that is exactly how I feel because that means that I have done my job and have set them up for success.

Q: What Is Some Advice That You Would Give to a Student Looking to Start Their Journey with the Institute of Beauty and Wellness?

Come. That is the most important thing. We provide a level of service that is like nonother. What I tell my students during their first week is there will be things that may happen that you might not like, and there might be people that may not resonate well with you. We are human and there will be mistakes. HOWEVER, what will happen is that you will get the education and you will pass your state boards. If you put in 100%, we are going to give you 100%. I think it is definitely worth giving a try. It absolutely changed my life. Coming here as a student, gave me the courage to step outside my comfort zone. Had I not come here, I would not have learned the kind of professionalism that it takes to be successful in this industry. This level of professionalism is the foundation to the amount of success that I am experiencing now.

Q: What is Some Advice You Would Give to An Instructor Looking to Start Their Journey with the Institute of Beauty and Wellness?

Don’t be afraid--you know more than you think you know. It is the joy of changing someone’s life. I think that if someone has it within them to make the difference in this world, they should go for it. Is it going to be easy? Of course not. But it is so worth it. I want other instructors to have a passion for what they do to the point where they come to work and it doesn’t feel like work. They can 100% have that. You just need to have an open mind. It will completely change your life and I will be your cheerleader!

Q: What Are Some Fun Facts You Can Share About the Institute of Beauty and Wellness? 

Everything you see, is real. The energy is authentic. I tell my students all the time, when you see people happy and energetic—it is our way of life. We are all genuinely excited to be here because it is a part of our culture-- how we care for the community, our passion for standing out, and making a difference. The energy that we have is so natural. Every training I go to, everyone is always happy. That is not a rumor, it is real life. This place is my Zen. The energy within this building is calm, relaxing, and peaceful. I love having to put myself in this energy to be here. Negative energy just doesn’t work here for some reason, and that is rooted. The passion is genuine and the love is real.

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