Instructor Spotlight – Amy Lile

The instructor spotlight is designed in a standard Q&A format to get to know our educators here at the Institute of Beauty and Wellness. Using an instructor perspective, we will dive into the environment of the beauty industry, specifically the Institute approach.

Amy Lile

Cosmetology Instructor & Men’s Cutting Coach


est. 2013

Q: Why did you choose the Institute of Beauty and Wellness as your career path for being an educator?

I specifically chose the Institute of Beauty and Wellness because the more I got to know about how things run around here, how the programs are set up, and how each individual day is structured to truly hit that level of professionalism; I fully bought into it.

Q: How would you describe the environment or culture here at the Institute of Beauty and Wellness?

I think the environment is fun! I feel like that is an important quality that we bring into each day. Working on people, and learning how to do a craft that is very technical can be stressful on everybody, so bringing a fun factor to our day is one of my primary goals as an instructor.

Q: What are some fun experiences you have had at the Institute?

I actually pursued becoming a Purefessional with Aveda for Aveda Barbery. When I was able to go become the men’s coach for the school, I didn’t even know that I would be interested in something like that until it was presented to me, and I became instantly fascinated with it. It was an opportunity that I was able to pursue and go on to do for quite a while

Q: What is some advice you would give to a student or instructor looking to start their journey with the Institute of Beauty and Wellness?

For a student, I would tell them to start thinking about how to efficiently organize their day. Ensuring to set their alarms, pack their lunches or dinners, organize their time to find a way to study. I think that is part of the mindset of being a professional in this industry; set the rest of your life up for success so that when you are here, you are open to learning these skills and bringing full intent into the program.

As an educator, it’s so fun! It’s a fun experience to work with students and to be able to see their growth. If you are the kind of person who wants to teach students not only the technical and foundational skills, but also professionalism within the industry and being a part of somebody’s growth journey, then you would be an amazing educator here at the Institute.

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