Guest Educator – Gerard Scarpaci

Each year, the Institute of Beauty and Wellness brings in educators of all backgrounds to support our students’ education and expand their skills and knowledge. We are honored to bring in Gerard Scarpaci, cofounder of Hairbrained.

Gerard educated our students and faculty particularly on RazorCraft. Razors are typically used on women with shorter hair but can be used on men too. The razor will be pointed at a 45-degree angle and is used to make strokes toward the ends of hair. Unlike a typical scissor cut, the razor creates a more jagged look.  He demonstrated both cutting and razor techniques and styling with bangs to our students.

"I love making people look like they were born that way." - Gerard Scarpaci


Gerard Scarpaci is the cofounder of Hairbrained, which launched in 2008. The headquarters are in Brooklyn, NY, but Scarpaci often travels all over to educate others on hair. With his help, he has created a community with over 1.5 million members, fans, and followers worldwide. This community continues to expand as he connects with more hairstylists.

Gerard is extremely passionate about what he does, and it is evident in his work. He has spent close to three decades in salons, classrooms, and stages teaching others. With how much work he has given to the hair industry, he is highly respected by his peers.


  • Gerard actively involved the students in his demonstration, and it was clear his passion for wanting all the students to succeed.
  • We loved that Gerard doesn’t like things to look perfect. He loves creating hairstyles that are fun, unique and unlike any other. In Gerards words, he likes           making people look like they were “born that way”
  • He is not afraid to correct his students’ hairstylists. While watching the Institute of Beauty and Wellness students cut hair, he didn’t hesitate to step in to share his expert advice and show them a better technique.
He taught us new techniques and I especially loved the face framing one because I struggle with it when I'm using my shears. Using the razor was a lot easier and you get a better finished look. -McKenna, student at The Institute of Beauty and Wellness

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