Eric Chapman, Educator of the Year

Educator of the Year

Each year, Institute of Beauty and Wellness students and instructors cast a ballot for an instructor who not only embodies the Aveda mission but has shown excellence and creativity in teaching. Please join us in congratulating Eric Chapman, Madison Cosmetology Instructor, on receiving the 2023 Educator of the Year award!

Meet Eric

Four years ago, on Christmas Eve after multiple FaceTime interviews and FaceTime teach backs, in my tiny downtown Orlando 500-sq ft apartment, I received some of the craziest news of my life… I was hired on to become an educator for a school I could barely find on a map. Who would have known that within a week and a half I would be exiting the airport, with all my belongings (only two suitcases) into a polar vortex, to a future that would lead me to this. Looking back, making that decision to change my life and leave all I had known for so long, (20 years in fact) behind in Florida, happened to be the best decision of my life!
As I have gotten older, I have come to realize that my parent’s saying stands true, “Sometimes it’s not the destination but the journey that makes you who you are”. My career in Cosmetology with Aveda gave me the power and acceptance to show others who I truly am and to not apologize for it. It’s ok to be different! My experience with teachers who pushed and believed in me is what drove me to become the educator I am today.

If I can give one student the same experience I received, and open their eyes and hearts to their own true potential, not just in the industry of hair, but life and all it’s possibilities, my job is fulfilled.

-Eric Chapman, Cosmetology Instructor

I am so grateful to The Institute of Beauty and Wellness for this honor, especially Madison’s fearless leader Ari, staff, students, and guests that we see each and every day. I look forward to the future and watching how our young professionals will creatively impact and better this world!

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