Aveda Global Makeup Director – Janell Geason

Aveda Global Makeup Director – Janell Geason

Janell GeasonAveda Global Makeup Director, Janell Geason put on a great event for our Institute of Beauty and Wellness students. Not only did she demonstrate great makeup techniques but she informed them of the latest tips and trends that our students can bring into the classroom.

See what our student had to say:

“I really liked the color wheel because it gave me an idea in which direction I would like to use the information on myself and others, thank you!” – Gabriela Isom

“Janell’s presentation was very informative. I learned a lot of new techniques that I can put into practice” – Liz Martin

“Janell was enthusiastic, fun and very beautiful. She is a fantastic makeup artist!” – Danielle

“I learned that products have multiple purposes! Think beyond, like an artist! – Kristie Dettman

“I learned how to choose eye shadow colors that really bring out the guests eye color” – Iesha Dye

“Janell Geason was great, full of useful information. I really enjoyed her as a speaker and all the demos she did. She was very professional and easy to follow. Thanks for coming!” – Danni

“Janell was really great! The biggest thing I took away from this guest speaker was how to keep the eyeliner from running. I never knew how to set the eyeliner and now I can explain in simple terms and use it.” – Jessica Bott

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