Alison Eddy is a student in the Ayurveda Esthetic program at The Institute of Beauty and Wellness’ sister school Aveda Institute Madison. She began her journey into the world of wellness in February, but she spent time traveling on a different path before arriving here. Before Ali enrolled in the Ayurveda Esthetic program, she received her master’s degree in speech and language pathology. Listen to Ali’s story in this week’s episode of the Institute Insider.

Ali explained that, although speech and language pathology was something she initially felt passionate about, it soon led to burnout and depression. After a year in the workforce following her degree, she quickly left the field altogether.

“What I realized throughout achieving this degree is that I had forgotten to really check in with myself and see what I wanted it out of my life,” Ali said.

Ali explained that it was difficult to talk to her family and friends about her desire to find a new path after earning her master’s degree. Not only did Ali have to reckon with letting go of certain expectations they had for her, she also had to let go of the expectations that she had for herself.

Through this soul-searching, Ali found her way to the beauty industry, more specifically to esthiology. After further research, she came across Aveda Institute Madison. This is where she discovered the Ayurveda Esthetic program (which is the only program of its kind in the country, offered at both our Madison and Milwaukee campuses). She described discovering the program as an invitation to keep following this path into a new industry, and to really find out what she wanted to do with the rest of her life. Ali said it’s important to consider both how she feels when she goes to work every day, and how she feels when she gets home from work every day. She wanted a career that she could feel passionate about, and not experience that same burnout and depression that she felt in her last career. She went through the admissions process and quickly felt that both the program and the school were a great fit for her. One thing that she really liked about the program and school was the size. As someone who went to a small high school and a small college, she knew that she would thrive in a space that focused on one-on-one learning.

Her instructors include Padma Jordan, her Ayurveda instructor, and Suzanne O’Connell, her esthiology instructor. Ali said that in the beginning of her program, it was easy for the two studies to feel disjointed sometimes. Ali felt that Suzanne, a graduate of the Ayurveda Esthetic program herself, did a good job of combining these ideas and explaining how they worked together. Ali said that Suzanne inspires her to want to become an instructor of the program one day.

Despite her love for esthiology, Ali had some insecurities throughout her life that she felt were stoked by the beauty industry. This allowed her to reflect and taught her what kind of service provider she wants to become: one that brings out the beauty and confidence of others. Having insecurities is not something she sees as a flaw, but rather, something that connects us all together. She doesn’t want others to feel the way that she felt, and with that in mind, she carries that through her practice and her education.

Ali said that after she finishes the Ayurveda Esthetic program, she wants to go back to school for her nail technician license through the institute’s manicuring program. After that, she wants to move forward with a career as an instructor.

“If I can become half of the instructor that Suzanne is, the future students of the institute will have a very bright future,” Ali said.

We see a bright future ahead of Ali Eddy. If her story inspires you to start one of your own, contact our admissions team to learn more about how to enroll.

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