In the latest episode of Institute Insider, we interviewed Ayurveda instructor, Rima Shah. Rima has been working at The Institute of Beauty and Wellness for five years to date, and, along with her team of esthiology instructors, has taught nine Ayurveda Esthetic classes in that time. Rima broke down the program for us, explaining the unique combination of Ayurveda and esthiology.

Our Ayurveda Esthetic program is the only one like it in the country, and available at both The Institute of Beauty and Wellness and sister school Aveda Institute Madison. Rima explained that although Ayurveda is growing in popularity in the US, there is still no official licensure available here. School founder, Susan Haise, knew that in order for Ayurveda to be able to find its way into salons, spas or other practices, it needed to be combined with a discipline that was already eligible for a working license. This is when the Ayurveda Esthetic program was born.

“Ayurveda is all about harnessing inner beauty, and esthiology focuses on maintaining that outer beauty,” Rima said. “To me, it’s a beautiful synergy.”

The Ayurveda Esthetic program combines the ancient teachings of Ayurveda with the modern techniques of esthiology to create a holistic approach to beauty and wellness. The program is taught by professional etiologists as well as Ayurvedic practitioners, like Rima. In addition to learning makeup, skin care treatments, safety and sanitation, students also learn yoga, herbalism, Sanskrit and Ayurvedic lifestyle management.

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So, if you are not a student in the Ayurveda Esthetic program, how can you begin to bring the wisdom and healing practices of Ayurveda into your life? Rima explained that there are a few things that can get you started on your wellness journey. Her first suggestion was to develop and maintain daily routines, an idea that Rima repeated throughout the podcast. Routine is important for our body to be able to align with our mind and energy system.

“If I eat every day at 11:30, my body will eventually learn that a meal is coming at that time and be ready for digestion,” Rima said. “Just like sleep, if I start preparing for sleep at the same time every day, my body will react to that and you will become tired at the same time each day. Little by little, this returns balance to the body.”

Speaking of eating, and continuing with routine, Rima’s next suggestion was to get in the habit of making your largest meal in the middle of the day. Like the sun in the sky, your digestion fire is at its strongest between 10:00AM and 2:00PM. When it comes to sleep, Rima recommends getting to bed by 10:00PM, and waking with the sun. It is crucial not to sleep in, as this clogs the body with heavy Kapha energy. This can make you feel even more tired and lethargic than you would waking up before this time. Although there are exception, Rima pointed out that the best Yogis and Sages of India didn’t do a ton when it came to wellness. What they did do, however, was eat their largest meal in the middle of the day and went to sleep by 10:00PM.

Rima concluded the podcast with a heart chakra opening meditation. This meditation is meant to help open the heart and realign intentions of the day.

If this interview inspired you to learn more about Ayurveda, check out Rima’s video from our Beauty Cares series, or contact our admissions team to learn more about our Ayurveda Esthetic program to see if it’s right for you.

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