What is Hybrid Learning?

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The future may seem full of uncertainty right now, but your career doesn’t have to feel that way. The Institute of Beauty and Wellness has created a hybrid learning model for all of our programs to adapt to the needs of today with tomorrow in mind. Hybrid learning blends online classes with in-person training to offer students a path to completing their education in the hair and spa industry.

So, what does hybrid learning look like for beauty, barber or spa school?  Under hybrid learning, students will complete their theory-based work online from home, and complete their practical, clinic lab training on campus. When students are online, they will start their day by joining their virtual classroom for live lessons from their instructors as if they were attending class on campus. The virtual classroom includes video conferencing, allowing students to engage with their instructors and fellow classmates. When students are on campus, they will check in to the socially distanced clinic lab for hands-on, practical training. Here, students will perform applications on models and guests in a salon/spa environment under the supervision of our experienced instructors.

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Each student receives an iPad in their kit, as well as a school email with access to Microsoft Office (which features applications like Word, PowerPoint and Excel) to complete their theory coursework. Our online classrooms are hosted on Microsoft Teams so students can engage with their instructors and classmates through video conferencing and instant messaging. In addition to Teams, our hybrid model also uses an Pivot Point’s online education portal, Learn Aveda, to host digital learning modules – these modules include readings, videos, quizzes and discussions. To keep organized and stay on top of academic success, student also receive access to our app, AIM/IBW Student, which can be used to track grades and attendance. The AIM/IBW Student mobile app makes it easy for students to see their progress, so they can take control of their education both on campus and online.

Trades in the beauty and wellness industry require hands-on work and customer service. To prepare our students for the working world, and to satisfy state requirements for graduation and licensure, students will complete their clinic floor practical hours on-campus. Educators will provide instruction on the service cycle and supervise students working on live models or guests.

Hybrid learning leaves room for students to independently take a hold of their education, but they will have the guidance of their instructors and the team to help them through. Students will periodically meet with an educator one-on-one to discuss their program and review their academic performance.

Let’s be honest – things are different right now, and they may be for some time. The pandemic has caused disruptions to some people’s education, affecting students in both trade schools and universities. The Institute of Beauty and Wellness and Aveda Institute Madison moved to develop a policy and expand our online infrastructure to ensure that our students would be able to continue their education. Thanks to our new hybrid learning model, we can offer students a quality education on a route to graduation that’s designed to hold up in changing times. By shifting the classroom online, our hybrid learning model creates flexibility that allows students continue their journey to their dream careers.

If you are interested in learning more about our programs and hybrid learning, schedule a virtual tour to meet with one of our admissions counselors.