Meet Barber Student, Zindia

Meet Barber Student, Zindia

Meet current barbering student, Zindia.  She is among the growing number of female students entering the barbering industry.  She has been a pleasure to have at The Institute of Beauty and Wellness, and as she approaches her graduation, we wanted to ask her a few questions and celebrate her success. 

What inspired you to go to Barbering School?

I tried cutting my brother’s hair and noticed that I was pretty good at it, so I decided to go to school.  I enrolled in the program right after I graduated high school.

Why did you choose to attend The Institute of Beauty and Wellness?

My sister’s best friend attended IBW and referred me to the program.  I actually was a model for her while she was in the program and was able to see the school first-hand.  I liked the environment and the individual attention she received from the instructors.

What was your favorite opportunity or event you participated in during your time at IBW? 

I would have to say attending the Midwest Barber Competition on behalf of the school.  It was held in Milwaukee on July 15.  I did a baseline demo with other barbering students and was the only female student in my group.  I was nervous at first but so happy that I participated.  It was a big accomplishment.

What is the one thing you learned in your program that you absolutely love?

Putting hair on the floor 🙂

Where do you see yourself after graduation?

Hopefully in about 6-8 years I would like to have my own barbershop.

What one piece of advice would you give to other students thinking about attending barbering school?

School is a commitment so make sure you are really serious about doing a program.  Spend time researching schools and make sure you find one that is right for you.  Personally, I liked IBW because of all the one-on-one time you get with instructors and I like that we also learn professional and retail skills.

What is your favorite AVEDA product? Any tips on how to use it?

My favorite product is AVEDA Thickening Paste.  I use it on my hair! To apply, use a dime size amount, manipulate with palms and apply as desired.