ayurveda esthetic virtual presentations

Ayurveda Lifestyle Series

Curious about Ayurveda? Interested in learning how to incorporate Ayurvedic techniques into your daily life to ahcieve higher health and wellness? Join our Ayurveda Esthetic students for our live virtual event, the Ayurveda Lifestyle Series.

WHEN: Tuesday, September 29, 2020
WHERE: YouTube

Ayurveda Lifestyle Series Schedule

12:30 | Marina Spott

Ayurveda Lifestyle Series: Spices and Sustainability

1:00 | Sidney Yildirim

Ayurveda Lifestyle Series: HerbalVeda: the Art  and Science of Ayurvedic Herbalism

1:30 | Terri Schneider
Ayurveda Lifestyle Series: The 3 Pillars of Life

2:00 | JaLicia Blakley
Ayurveda Lifestyle Series: Mind-Veda: Ayurveda and the Mind Body Connection

2:30 |  Isabelle Johanneck
Ayurveda Lifestyle Series: Ayurveda and Dinacharya: the art of daily routine

3:00 |  Jessica Garcia
Ayurveda Lifestyle Series: Daily  Habits Changing Wellness across the World