Average Income of Licensed Massage Therapist

woman's hands perform a massage

Average Income of Licensed Massage Therapist

According to the AMTA, (American Massage Therapy Association) massage therapy is rapidly growing as a career option. The Aveda Institute Madison offers a 750-hour program with advanced interactive curriculum that will submerge you in a whole new world of learning and understanding of the human body. Due to the recent state of our economy, Massage Therapy is needed now more than ever as a tool of wellness for many people. From spas to major medical settings, the demand for a well-rounded Massage Therapist is growing every day.

Research from IBIS estimates that massage therapy was a $12.1 billion industry in the country in 2015. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the annual mean wage of a licensed massage therapists in the state of Wisconsin as of May 2015 is $36,350. Statistics also show the annual mean wage in the greater Madison area is $42,380.

We surveyed a local spa asking them for the average income of the massage therapists working in their institution. Here are the results:

1st year: $41,500

2-5 years: $51,000

6-10 years: $52,000

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