Aveda Glamping Guide

Aveda Glamping Guide

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Aveda believes that authentic beauty is one that works in harmony with the greater web of life. It does not qualify as beauty if it hurts any of the diverse life forms that the best beauty artist of all, Nature, created.” – Horst Rechelbacher


Aveda Trail Guide to Glamping

Blog Post and Photos by McKenna Shaffer, Admissions Counselor and Placement Coordinator

Summer is right around the corner which means my favorite weekend activity is almost here—glamping! (That’s glamorous camping.) Let’s face it, roughing it can be…rough. However, with the right gear it can be a relaxing, and rewarding getaway from our busy lives in the city. Many of the glamping essentials can be found right in our Aveda Retail Store.  Here’s my top Aveda picks so you too can stay glamorous while roughing it.

Dry ShampooAveda Dry Shampoo ($30) is the perfect fix for that second (or third) day hair. Use in the morning, or throughout the day. No one will even know that you spent last night sleeping on a half deflated air mattress in the woods. 


Skin Protection—Look flawless while protecting your skin from the sun with Aveda’s Inner Light Mineral Tinted Moisture ($30). With SPF 15 and a pocket sized container, it’s perfect for tossing in your backpack, or fanny pack, for that sunny afternoon hike. Don’t forget your Lip Saver ($8.50) to seal in moisture, in case you meet some cuties on the trail!

Insect Repellent—Repel bugs and attract friends with essential oil insect repellent. Instead of stinky, sticky insect repellent, I like to make my own using Aveda Singular Notes ($14 each). These provide a variety of great smelling aromas to combat creepy crawlies. Recycle your Spirit Spray bottle and follow the recipe below for bug free hiking. My favorite combination is rose, lavender and peppermint, but there are many different combination (link: http://herbalacademy.herbalacademyofn.netdna-cdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/05/Essential-Oils-for-Crafting-a-Natural-Bug-Repellent-Herbal-Academy.jpg) possibilities.

  • 2 oz distilled or boiled water
  • 5 oz witch hazel or alcohol (for preservation)
  • 60 drops of your favorite bug fighting essential oils


Aveda Wear—Deciding what to wear will be a breeze when you pack your Aveda Wear ($15+). Leggings, t-shirts and winter hats complete your “I’m trying to look like I’m not trying” look.

 Water Bottle–Whether you’re climbing to the summit of Mount Rainier or taking a stroll along the lake, you’ll want to stay hydrated and show your Aveda pride. This reusable Aveda water bottle ($10) holds 24oz of fresh, cold water to keep you healthy and hydrated.

h20Hot Drinks—After your hike, wind down with some Aveda Comforting Tea ($19). Heat some water over the campfire and enjoy your warm beverage as the air temperature cools.


With Aveda, roughing it never felt so relaxing! So remember, next time you camp… GLAMP!

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