Alumni Rising Star – Katt

Alumni Rising Star – Katt

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At the AVEDA Institute Madison we have the pleasure of welcoming AVEDA Global Artists, celebrity stylists, and leaders in our industry on a regular basis to guest educate. Nicholas French, Jon Reyman, Kurt Kueffner, Frank Rizzieri, Ricardo Dinis, Mary Brunetti and Sally Rogerson are just a few of the global artists we have seen in the past year. Our students also receive the opportunity to work one-on-one with these guest educators in our Top Ten program. After graduation, our graduates are welcome to a lifetime of free continued education. August 2015 Cosmetology graduate, Katt, took advantage of this perk and received a job offer at the home of the most expensive haircut in the world, Sharon Dorram Color at Sally Hershberger located in New York City.



Q: What inspired you to seek a job at Sally Hershberger in NYC?

KATT: Well, actually, I already had a job in Madison that I loved when I received the opportunity from Mary Brunetti to interview with the salon (Sharon Dorram Color at Sally Hershberger). This whole thing really came about thanks to being in the right place at the right time and, more importantly, thanks to Susan Haise (institute owner) who brought Mary in to the school–if it weren’t for Mary or Susan, this opportunity wouldn’t have presented itself in the first place. Regarding the salon itself, once I was told about the salon and did a ton of research myself, I absolutely fell in love with the esthetic and everything the salon stood for. The salon is located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan and caters to a very high-end clientele which calls for high-performance service. I knew I would be challenged at a whole new level.


Q: Clearly you saw an opportunity and went for it – do you have any advice for current students at the Aveda Institute Madison, or someone thinking of coming to AIM?

KATT: NETWORK. I swear it’s all about work ethic and networking. Being genuinely polite and professional will get you so far in life and if you have a well-practiced technical skill to back it up–you’re golden. Practice professionalism in everything you do; you never know how it may adversely affect you in the future. Honestly, as dorky as it sounds, just strive to be the best possible version of yourself.

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This look created by Katt, was inspired by guest educator, Nicholas French

Instagram:  @kattnicolesmith

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