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Are you looking to expand your service menu and add growth to your salon, spa, or medispa? Not only are cosmeceutical products and advanced medspa treatments rapidly growing, they are proven effective and beneficial to clients of all demographics. At the Institute of Beauty and Wellness, we have many specialized advanced education programs that are guaranteed to positively impact you and your clients—including laser treatments.

The medispa industry is growing faster than ever, and medispas are seeking out professionals like you to make an impact! Now is the perfect time to expand your knowledge and skillset to be a part of the large and rapidly growing medispa industry. If you are considering your next steps, look no further than the Institute of Beauty and Wellness.

As technology improves and skin care becomes more popular with all ages, laser treatments continue to remain at the top of the list of services at medical spas across the country. In this six-day laser course designed for nurses and licensed estheticians, you’ll be provided with training about the latest laser treatments and laser hair removal techniques to help jumpstart your career in medical aesthetics 

In order to confidently provide treatments, it is important that you learn both the theory and practical side of  treatment. At the Institute of Beauty and Wellness we provide theory training through distance education.  This allows us to provide more flexibility than traditional training programs. 


Our specialist provide demonstrations and hands-on experience in laser treatments. The treatments you will learn  include Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), Clear + Brilliant, and BroadBand Light (BBL) lasers. 






Must be licensed esthetician or registered nurse



At the Institute of Beauty and Wellness, we work with your schedule to provide optimal learning opportunities. Our Laser Program is half remote and half in-person. Participating in classes two times a week will set the program duration at a total of 3 weeks. We did this to ensure you are provided a healthy work, professional development, and personal balance.

Each morning, you’ll learn theory and protocol from a licensed aesthetic specialist or medical aesthetician through distance education on an online platform. After your theory class, you  begin the practical training portion of your learning. This includes demonstrations and hands-on practice with models in a medispa environment. You will apply the lessons that you were taught that morning to ensure you feel confident and stay on track with the curriculum.

Hours will vary based on start time, but will be discussed further at registration. During your registration process, it will also be determined which SKN BAR Rx location you will be training at each week to ensure you have proper notice.

**If you have any questions about the schedule setup or require any exceptions, please contact the Institute of Beauty and Wellness at 414.227.2889.


Interested in offering these aesthetics services to the guests in your salon or spa? Considering the opportunity to work in a medical spa environment? If so, this exfoliation course is for you!


In Ayurveda Body Therapies advanced training you will learn the ins and outs of Ayurveda Body Therapies and demystify these ancient healing words and practices.


Advance your makeup skills with The Institute’s one-day Airbrush Makeup Workshop. This dynamic workshop includes theory, demonstration, and hands-on education.


CIDESCO Prep Course & Exam

For those licensed estheticians that are looking for increased income potential and the opportunity to become certified to practice internationally in your craft, our upcoming CIDESCO Prep Course is designed specifically for you.