Advanced Education


Are you interested in becoming a part of a never-ending trending topic? Makeup is not only always talked about, but it never goes out of style. Between social media, runway styles, ad campaigns, and your normal everyday looks, new and unique makeup expressions are always being displayed. At the Institute of Beauty and Wellness we believe in highlighting not only what is trending, but inspiring creativity to generate something new and unique into the industry. If you are interested in learning how to expand your creativity and vision into real life application, then our Advanced Airbrush Makeup Program is for you.

Clients all over are looking for the newest and hottest makeup hacks. Regardless of if you are looking to expand your service menu or specialize in makeup artistry, this industry is looking for individuals like you to make an impact. You have seen the trends on Tik Tok, Instagram, and Pinterest—now it is time to learn how to recreate these looks for your clients.

If you are looking to provide a more in-depth makeup experience for your clients that goes beyond airbrush technique, be sure to check out our additional workshops!

airbrush makeup tool

Airbrush makeup application has drastically grown in recent years because of its seamless finish and long-wear. Many clients face issues such as smudges, unevenness, streaks, and oiliness throughout the day. Even though their makeup looks amazing after initial application, it often does not stay looking perfect for long due to weather, activity, eating, drinking, and other common factors.


Airbrush makeup provides a natural and seamless makeup finish, with no caking, smudging, or runniness. Airbrush by far is the best way to go for a full-face application. Not only does it look great—it lasts! No matter what you or your client goes through while wearing it, it is sure to stay on without moving.


At the Institute of Beauty and Wellness you will have the opportunity to learn about airbrush makeup application and the positive effects it can have for both you and your client.


*Airbrush kit is not included. Attendees are required to bring an airbrush and compressor. The Institute of Beauty and Wellness will supply airbrush makeup for use during the workshop*



Not Included


Licensed Esthetician or Cosmetologist



During this 1-day interactive training, you will be provided the opportunity to have a hands-on experience with the actual airbrush application process, benefits, tips and tricks, and proper usage. We prioritize your hands on education. We want to make sure you have enough practical training time with instructors and models to ensure you feel comfortable and confident providing this amazing service to your future clients.

This service is perfect for clients who are attending an event, special occasion, party, or even a date night. Especially if you are already supplying them with an updated hair style, facial, or massage before their big plans– offering to polish up their look either during or after their service with an airbrush makeup application is the perfect add-on. Often, clients like to have services like this professionally done to ensure they look and feel their absolute best. Applying a beautiful airbrush makeup application during or after their service makes it easier on them with the styling process and keeps your books full in the process.


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Advance your makeup skills with The Institute’s one-day Airbrush Makeup Workshop. This dynamic workshop includes theory, demonstration, and hands-on education.


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