7 Reasons to Become a Nail Designer

7 Reasons to Become a Nail Designer

If you’re a creative person with a passion for beauty, you’ve probably thought about becoming a nail designer before. If you’re looking for a reason to become one, we’ve got seven.


Because you get to help others and be in their lives.

From graduations and birthdays, to a bride’s special day, you are a part of your guests’ lives. As a nail technician, you get to create a moment of wellness for your guest – wherever they are in their lives.


Because it’s an artistic outlet.

With cuticles as canvases, nail technicians get to unleash their creative skills everyday by painting, designing and sculpting.


Because polish > paperwork.

Bored by the thought of a desk job? Consider a hands-on career as a nail technician (pun intended), where you get to work with people directly.


Because, sparkly things.

You get to play with glitter and bright colors all day. ‘Nuff said.


Because you don’t have to hide your tattoos.

Being a nail technician allows you to express your style in a way that most other jobs don’t. Wear your tattoos, piercings and neon hair freely!


Because it can be a flexible career.

Nail techs have the flexibility to do other things if they want to–so whether you’re a busy parent or an aspiring rockstar, you can make time for the things you love.


Because it’s a smaller financial and time commitment.

Earn your license as a nail technician in three months or less without the stress of student loan debt when you are finished. You can use that freedom to hone your nail skills, learn another trade or simply enjoy life!

Think this career is right for you? Then go ahead and apply today for our Manicuring Program to get things kicked off! If, however, this fun listicle doesn’t cut it for you, schedule a tour to learn more.