IBW Donates to Hurricane Victims

IBW Donates to Hurricane Victims

  Let’s Come Together

Thank you Poppy and Pinecone for your beautiful artwork. 

Relief Fund for Hurricane Victims

Sometimes it seems like our world falls apart, but we believe that these times are an opportunity to come together.

The Institute of Beauty and Wellness has joined in the efforts of The Salon and Spa Relief Fund to help those who have suffered Hurricane Harvey and Irma.

How Our Donation Works

Upon check-out, our guests often ask if they can leave a tip for our students.  We explain that the “tip money” instead goes to our “education fund,” which enables the school to pay for top-industry leaders to teach our students advanced techniques in beauty and wellness.

Starting today, all the education fund donations will be put towards The Salon and Spa Relief Fund to help the victims of hurricanes.

All donations will end Tuesday, September 19th.

To learn more about The Salon and Spa Relief Fund, click here.